Treat Everyday Like It's A Special Occasion

Are you an over dressing homebody? Meaning you love to dress for the occasion but you stay at home. Most likely by the time the occasion comes you have nothing to wear. Well, don't worry! You're not alone. I often ran across the same problem but Moxie has given me a purpose to treating everyday like it's a special occasion to get what I want, when I want. I say this because, us homebodies usually wait until the occasion arrives before going shopping for our look. But the reality is, you've been window shopping for far too long! Treat yourself more...

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Yoga, but make it Fashion - A review from FashionistaJD

So recently, I ordered three outfits from Moxie Apparel consisting of three different styles. I love switching up my look to channel a different, but still dope, me. The two outfits that I was most excited about getting were kind of out of my norm.. especially the outfit I wanted to wear for my birthday. It was a completely loose fit jumper with wings at the legs. With this piece on, I looked like I was preparing for a yoga retreat! But that is where the fun of dressing up comes in. I paired this look with my favorite jacket,...

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Be Yourself, Honey! It's Fine!

Have you ever found yourself on a new terrain and decided to adapt according to what those before you have been doing? Has this adapting ever caused you to lose parts of yourself that you once held dear? I've found myself doing this in every new terrain I entered. I've adapted my voice to fit the voices of the more experience, instead of learning how I can make the field work for me. I failed to ask myself what unique qualities can I bring to this new table, that can benefit myself and those around me. It was a hard...

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