Be Yourself, Honey! It's Fine!

Have you ever found yourself on a new terrain and decided to adapt according to what those before you have been doing? Has this adapting ever caused you to lose parts of yourself that you once held dear?

I've found myself doing this in every new terrain I entered. I've adapted my voice to fit the voices of the more experience, instead of learning how I can make the field work for me. I failed to ask myself what unique qualities can I bring to this new table, that can benefit myself and those around me. It was a hard habit to break! But it is breakable, I found that I just needed to hit the glass a little more each day.

Now, I'm not saying to forego all wisdom and do whatever you want. I'm saying, mold YOURSELF to your new surroundings. If that means carrying a brightly colored bag, wearing the flyest shoes, rocking unique earrings, or keeping it all the way real with your clients, DO THAT. You will resonate and you will shine your brightest when you are bringing pieces of yourself with you. You don't feel as constrained, you don't feel as lost, and you definitely won't feel like you don't fit in. Because you are completely and wholly your best self, wearing your best looks, and giving it your best shot!

Take Elle Woods for example - every millennial lawyer's role model (I watched Legally Blonde before my first day of school) - Elle Woods was proudly herself, she was made fun of, criticized and underestimated. But when she began to take HERSELF seriously, she let go of the need to compete and held on to the need to perform well and bring justice to her client. She wasn't concerned with fitting in, it was already made apparent that she didn't, she just did her best and went way further than she imagined! 

That could be you, but you playin! Are you shopping thinking how can you best fit in at the office? Or are you looking for pieces that stand out to YOU and are perfectly appropriate for work? I really hope it's the latter! There is going to be a challenge with every new journey you face, make yourself comfortable and put on something you can fight in! YOU are worth the fight! Your individuality is needed! Shop with pride in who you are!


With love,


Jazmyne Dominique
Fashionista, JD
Diamond Legacy, LLC

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